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A local resident and business owner in Fort Lauderdale since 1979, I have certainly seen a steady path of growth and change. This once low-key beachfront destination has evolved, grown significantly, and become a true international destination. Given the name The Venice of the Americas’, Fort Lauderdale is now home to international business, first class hotels and tourism, world-class yachting, professional sports teams, other waterfront activities and so much more. There are more recreational boats registered in Florida than any other state in the US. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway, saltwater and brackish rivers and lakes, beautiful bays and what seems like an endless maze of canals, boat owners find unrestricted oceanfront access for a yacht of any size. Our favorable weather allows outdoor activities all year round. From bicycling, swimming, fishing, running, soccer, hiking, surfing, wind surfing, picnicking, boating, and just about anything else you can think of, you can do it right here!

Fort Lauderdale spans a sizeable area from just north of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport at the south border to McNab Road on the north end with the sparkling ocean at the eastern edge and a varying western boundary, mostly east of I-95. In the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, it is said that we have approximately 300 miles of waterways, out of that about 165 miles of them are within the city limits.

Waterfront property is plentiful here in Fort Lauderdale as the beautiful Fort Lauderdale section of the 3,000-mile-long Intracoastal Waterway which runs parallel to the ocean all the way through our growing area allowing opportunities to enjoy waterfront living in many capacities. Our area now has the moniker “The Yachting Capital of the World”. The Intracoastal is an inland waterway which begins in Massachusetts flowing to the Southern tip of Florida mostly consisting of natural waterways. In Fort Lauderdale and other areas here in South Florida, some of the waterways were created by dredging and creating man-made passages and canals. The Intracoastal is an alternative route offering calm waters in contrast to the often-rough seas in the Atlantic. There is also a Gulf Intracoastal branch on the other side of the state which runs all the way to Brownsville, TX.

We do have tremendous opportunities for our mariner friends in Fort Lauderdale with waterfront homes offering unrestricted access and dockage to accommodate their yachts of almost any size. For those looking for a bit of a smaller scale or a more reasonably priced property, perhaps a waterfront home with a fixed bridge or two may fit the bill. The price tag is often lower on the homes with a fixed bridge. It’s necessary to know the bridge clearance and watch the tides on these properties so be sure to work with someone (like me) who knows the area well and can offer you resources.

There is a rather unique way to explore our area that may not be available in other destinations. With so many attractions being on the waterways and close by, we have a Water Taxi that folks can take to explore and sightsee. The Water Taxi will travel to historic downtown Fort Lauderdale, to restaurants, museums, up and down the Intracoastal and other wonderful places. It’s especially fun to take the Water Taxi during the holidays so you can peek at the festive and impressive holiday lights and decorations.

From oceanfront mansions, townhomes and condos to income properties and commercial opportunities there are a multitude of things to consider. Our housing market is very competitive as we are basically “out of” buildable land. With the beautiful Everglades on our western border there is only so far, we can go. Our market is strong and diverse. It’s so much fun introducing new folks to our area. I call our first outings “the investigation tours”. I often suggest people first rent a home rather than purchase so that they can “get a feel” for the area. Some want to be close to the beach or on the water where they can dock their boat. Others like the wide-open spaces and larger lots on the west side of town. Like I’ve said many times as I’ve written about each of the 16 areas I’ve featured on my website, there is something for everyone here in South Florida.

If you are looking for a secure, gated community, we have a couple of them right by the beach and a few others within a few miles. There are even more as you head away from the beach, closer to the Everglades. A few of our gated communities are in Golf and/or Country Club communities. Perhaps you want to be able to walk to dinner, the theatre, and nightlife in an area like Las Olas or Lauderdale by the Sea. Maybe it’s most important to have access to major highways, making traveling a breeze, that’s never a problem as there are plenty of choices. I always look forward to meeting my new customers and introducing them to Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

If schools are important to you, I’ll be happy to provide you with the resources allowing you to research and learn about location, test scores and school boundary lines for specific neighborhoods. I can share these resources with you regarding both public and private schools and universities.

One of the most important benefits of Fort Lauderdale to those who often travel is that it is located almost equidistant to Miami International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport at approximately 45 miles and of course, we have our very own Fort Lauderdale International Airport at our south border.

Fort Lauderdale is comprised of many different diverse, unique, and interesting subdivisions. The history of Fort Lauderdale is fascinating. I have been researching and writing and I will share that with you very soon. Until then, I am looking forward to meeting you and learning how I can help you to become familiar with Fort Lauderdale. This is a wonderful, metropolitan city… by the sea!

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